Intellij download

Intellij download

intellij download

How fast is your Internet? Test your broadband Internet speed with the Internet Speed Test. Check your Internet connection bandwidth to find out your upload. IntelliJ IDEA is a free Java IDE that can be installed on Ubuntu Jammy in order to download and install the IntelliJ IDEA software. IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition source code is available from by either cloning or downloading a zip file (based on a.

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How to Install IntellijIDEA with Java 18 on Windows 10

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Step by Step guide to install Intellij Idea

IntelliJ is an integrated development environment(IDE) written in Java. It is used for developing computer software. This IDE is developed by Jetbrains and is available as an Apache 2 Licensed community edition and a commercial edition. In this article, we will see how to install IntelliJ Idea for the different operating systems.

Installation on Mac: The following steps can be followed to install the IntelliJ on a MAC Operating system:

  1. Navigate to this link to get the IntelliJ software.
  2. Click on Download option.
  3. In the next screen, select the platform as Mac and select the edition which you want to download.
  4. Save the downloaded file in the desired location.
  5. Open the downloaded file. A message pops up on the screen which says verifying and opening. After this screen pops up, drag and drop the IntelliJ to the Applications folder.
  6. After dragging and dropping it into the applications folder, the following screen is obtained:
  7. After the copying process is done, click on the applications folder in the side panel and open IntelliJ.
  8. A welcome screen now pops up:
  9. We can add IntelliJ to Mac&#;s dock by:

Installation on Linux: Similar to the above steps, select Linux on the download page. The name of the downloaded bundle was at the time when this article is published. After downloading:

  1. Extract it by using the following command:

    $ tar xvf

  2. Now, it will create a new directory with idea-IC name. Now change the directory to idea-IC/bin/ and execute shell script as shown below:

    $ cd idea-IC/bin/
    $ ./

  3. Finally, follow the onscreen instructions to complete the installation and use IntelliJ.

Installation on Windows: Similar to the above steps, the windows installer can be downloaded from the download page by selecting the windows operating system and the required edition. After downloading, open the installer and follow the onscreen instructions to install it. After installation, a shortcut will be created on the desktop and the start menu to open the IDE.

Installing IntelliJ IDEA is straightforward. Perform the following steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Pick the OS version and edition of your choice.
  3. After opening the downloaded installation package in MS Windows, you should see the installation wizard. In Mac OS, double-click on the downloaded file and then just drag IntelliJ IDEA to the folder.


    When you install IntelliJ IDEA over an existing installation, the installation wizard will ask if you want to import settings from the previous set up. Don't worry, your settings will be preserved.

During the first startup, IntelliJ IDEA will ask you which plugins should be enabled by default. Usually, it's best to enable only what you need,

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Learn Intellij Idea

About this app

IntelliJ IDEA (hereafter referred to as IntelliJ) is one of the most powerful and popular Integrated Development Environments (IDE) for Java. It was developed and is maintained by JetBrains, and is available in the community and ultimate edition. This feature-rich IDE enables rapid development and helps in improving code quality. This app starts with a basic introduction and slowly dives deep into the advanced features. The app is divided into 2 parts: beginners can start from the first 4 chapters. Others can skip over directly to Chapter

This app is targeted at first-time learners, as well as moderate users of IntelliJ. Beginners will get a fair understanding of IntelliJ and its functioning, and others will be able to take their knowledge on this subject to the next level.

This app requires that the readers have some preliminary knowledge of the software development process, along with the Java programming language. In the later sections of this app, we will discuss integration with build tools, unit testing frameworks, debugger, profiling, version control system, and database. It is assumed that the required tools are installed and configured on the system and the reader is familiar with those tools.

Installing IntelliJ IDEA

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Prerequisite: java8 should be installed on the system.

Follow the below demonstrated steps to install IntelliJ IDEA on the system:

Step1: Download IntelliJ IDEA using the Jetbrains website or using the below link:


Installing IntelliJ IDEA

Download the Community edition because it is free as well as open-source edition.

Step2: After downloading, move to the Download location, and start the installer. A security warning may occur. Click on the 'Run' option.

Installing IntelliJ IDEA

Step3: After the security check, the setup will start loading. A welcome screen will appear. Click next and follow the installer instructions.

Installing IntelliJ IDEA

Step4: Choose an appropriate installation location. Click Next.

Installing IntelliJ IDEA

Step5: Choose an appropriate desktop shortcut. If the user is working on a bit machine, select accordingly. Also, select the '.java' file. This will associate the java files automatically with IntelliJ IDEA.

Installing IntelliJ IDEA

Click on the Next button.

Step6: Choose the start menu folder as 'JetBrains' (by default). Then, click Install.

Installing IntelliJ IDEA

Step7: The IntelliJ IDEA will start installing to the system.

Installing IntelliJ IDEA

After installing the setup, click on Next, then Finish.

In this way, IntelliJ IDEA will get installed to the system.

Creating the Kafka Project

Step1: Open the IntelliJ IDEA from its shortcut. A dialog box will open asking to import settings from the previous installation. Select 'Do not import settings' radio button. Click OK. This option is chosen because the user might be installing IntelliJ for the first time.

Installing IntelliJ IDEA

Step2: The JetBrains Privacy Policy will appear. Click on the checkbox and then click the 'Continue' option.

Installing IntelliJ IDEA

Step3: After opening, the installer will provide two UI theme options:

  1. Dracula theme
  2. Light Theme

The Light theme is the default one. After selecting anyone, click on 'Next Default plugins'.

Installing IntelliJ IDEA

In our tutorial, the default theme is selected, i.e., the Light one. The user can choose accordingly.

Step4: Next, the user will be asked to disable some default plugins (if required). Skip this step and click on 'Next Featured plugins'.

Installing IntelliJ IDEA

Step5: In this section, install the Scala support. This will allow users to develop Scala projects too. Click on the 'Start using IntelliJ IDEA'.

Installing IntelliJ IDEA

Step6: IntelliJ IDEA welcome screen will open. Click on 'Create New Project' option.

Installing IntelliJ IDEA

Step7: From the left side navigation panel, select 'Maven' or 'Gradle' option. It will show the Project SDK name. It should be java 8 (if properly installed).

In our tutorial, we have chosen Maven.

Installing IntelliJ IDEA

If not so, click on the 'New' option and select the respective home directory for JDK 8. Else, check the JDK 8 installation.

Note: Generally, the home directory for JDK will be the root directory only.

Installing IntelliJ IDEA

After selecting, click OK, then Next.

Step8: Now, it's time to create a new project. For doing so, a GroupId, an ArtifactId, as well as Version value is required. Provide the following details and click 'Next'.

Installing IntelliJ IDEA

Here, '' is the name of the GroupId, 'helloproducer1' is the ArtifactId, and '' is chosen as the Version number. The user can give as per the wish.

Step9: Next, the user needs to provide a project name and the location where the user wants to keep the project. Finally, click the 'Finish' button.

Note: It is good to keep the Project name, same as the ArtifactId.

Installing IntelliJ IDEA

In the above snapshot, the name of the project is 'helloproducer1', and the project location is the 'Local C Drive'.

Step Now, the setup will ask to 'Enable Auto-Import' on the bottom-right side of the screen. Choosing this option will enable the IntelliJ IDEA to automatically download all the necessary dependencies, which we will define later in the '' file.

Installing IntelliJ IDEA

In this way, the first stage to create a Kafka Project will be completed.

Next TopicCreating Kafka Producer in Java

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Download IntelliJ IDEA for PC

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Download IntelliJ IDE on Windows 11

In this tutorial, we will Download IntelliJ IDE on Windows 11 operating system. We will also install and setup the IDE tool on Windows Windows 11 is the latest operating system from Microsoft.

In this example, we will install IntelliJ Community Edition. The Ultimate Edition of the tool is for Enterprise application development with premium features.


  • Windows 11
  • IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition
  • Web browser

Download IntelliJ

Open the Web browser and navigate to IntelliJ IDE&#;s official website.

Click on the Windows tab and Download the IDE. There are two download options for the tool:

  1. .exe installer
  2. .zip bundle package

In this example, we will use the .exe installer to install IntelliJ IDE.


Download IntelliJ IDEA Windows11

The Installer file format would be something like:


Install IntelliJ

Open File Explorer and locate the Installer file. In most cases, it would be the Downloads folder.

Double-click on the Installer to run it. This will launch the IDE install setup wizard.


IntelliJ UAC Win11

Click Yes on the UAC prompt dialog. We need administrative privileges to install the tool on the machine. UAC is a security feature that elevates and notifies the Windows user when a program tries to perform an administrative task.  Notice that the installer is signed and the publisher name is displayed on the dialog prompt.

Click on the Next > button in the install wizard Welcome screen.


IntelliJ Install Windows11


Choose Install Location for the IDE. By default, it&#;s under the Program Files folder.

C:\Program Files\JetBrains\IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition <version>

However, we can change the Destination folder. Click on the Browse&#; button and choose the destination folder for the tool.

Once done, click on the Next > button.


IntelliJ Install Location Win11

Installation Options

On this screen, we can set IntelliJ installation options.

Create Desktop Shortcut

Add the bin directory to the PATH environment variable.

Create File Associations for .java, .groovy, and other file extensions. When set the .java files will open with IntelliJ IDE by default.


IntelliJ IDE Options Win11



Check the install options and click on the Next > button. Choose the Start Menu folder and click on the Install button. The IDE would be installed successfully.

The Windows 11 computer must be restarted to complete the IntelliJ installation. Save all the work and files.

Choose Reboot Now to reboot the machine and Click on the Finish button to restart the machine.


Windows 11 Reboot IntelliJ IDEA


That&#;s it. We have successfully downloaded and installed IntelliJ IDE on Windows 11 operating system.


Windows 11 Tutorials

More Information on Windows 11

In this tutorial, we’ll see how to build a minimal Scala project using IntelliJ IDE with the Scala plugin. In this guide, IntelliJ will download Scala for you.


  1. Make sure you have the Java 8 JDK (also known as )
    • Run on the command line and make sure you see
    • If you don’t have version or higher, install the JDK
  2. Next, download and install IntelliJ Community Edition
  3. Then, after starting up IntelliJ, you can download and install the Scala plugin by following the instructions on how to install IntelliJ plugins (search for “Scala” in the plugins menu.)

When we create the project, we’ll install the latest version of Scala. Note: If you want to open an existing Scala project, you can click Open when you start IntelliJ.

Creating the Project

  1. Open up IntelliJ and click File => New => Project
  2. On the left panel, select Scala. On the right panel, select IDEA.
  3. Name the project HelloWorld
  4. Assuming this is your first time creating a Scala project with IntelliJ, you’ll need to install a Scala SDK. To the right of the Scala SDK field, click the Create button.
  5. Select the highest version number (e.g. ) and click Download. This might take a few minutes but subsequent projects can use the same SDK.
  6. Once the SDK is created, and you’re back to the “New Project” window, click Finish.

Writing code

  1. On the Project pane on the left, right-click and select New => Scala class. If you don’t see Scala class, right-click on HelloWorld and click on Add Framework Support…, select Scala and proceed. If you see Error: library is not specified, you can either click download button, or select the library path manually. If you only see Scala Worksheet try expanding the folder and its subfolder, and right-click on the folder.
  2. Name the class and change the Kind to .
  3. Change the code in the file to the following:

Running it

Experimenting with Scala

A good way to try out code samples is with Scala Worksheets

  1. In the project pane on the left, right click and select New => Scala Worksheet.
  2. Name your new Scala worksheet “Mathematician”.
  3. Enter the following code into the worksheet:

As you change your code, you’ll notice that it gets evaluated in the right pane. If you do not see a right pane, right-click on your Scala worksheet in the Project pane, and click on Evaluate Worksheet.

Next Steps

Now you know how to create a simple Scala project which can be used for starting to learn the language. In the next tutorial, we’ll introduce an important build tool called sbt which can be used for simple projects and production apps.

Up Next: Building a Scala Project with IntelliJ and sbt

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